Re: [cc65] Re: cbm_read blocks on empty rs232 buffer

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2013-11-02 12:03:21

> Funny how nobody has taken up my $100 bounty for one.
> can't see the funny bit - noone who doesnt need (or want) it will even
> consider writing a rs232 driver for a c64 in 2013.

Sorry, but that statement seems so wrong to me that I can't believe that
you really think it might be true.

Do you really think that i.e. I only contributed items to cc65 that I
personally needed (or wanted)? Isn't the whole idea of "tools" very much
about investing into _potential_ usecases in the future?

Although it would still be not my perspective I could at least follow your
argumentation if you would say that noone is considering to implement a
certain feature if noone _else_ needs (or wants) it. I still could easily
prove you wrong with the example of me wading through CBM device specifics
in order to implement disk device enumeration although it is presumably not
used by anyone - and maybe never will.

But in this case Payton made pretty clear that he needs (or wants) it. He's
even willing to spend $100 on it. And in case one is more motivated by
"seeing results" than "getting money" (see the 'intrinsic motivation'
debate) then one might ask Payton what he wants the feature for. I'd guess
he wants to add some machine2machine feature to CBM-Command like Norton
Commander had with serial/parallel cables.

Just mxy two cents,

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