Re: [cc65] Temporary zero-page allocation

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2013-11-11 09:17:09
Hi Christopher,

By the way, I really like the GitHub updates.


However, I have to
> build the cc65 toolchain in MSVS and then build the libraries in
> Cygwin.  If I build the cc65 toolchain in Cygwin then I can't call it
> from within NESICIDE without including cygwin1.dll which I *do not*
> want to do.

Hm, I can't follow you...

You don't like the Cygwin-based binaries because of the dependency on the
cvywin1.dll. I fully understand and I personally don't like the
Cygwin-based binaries neither. But I don't see why you don't just build the
libraries with your native-Win32 binaries. I know that it works as I do it
all the time.

The Makefiles are explicitly designed to work with cmd.exe as shell and to
not depend on any(!) *IX tool. Just follow

Bascially you only have to put the content of
in some directory, shouldn't hurt.

The Makefiles even contain a call to MSVS to build the native-Win32
binaries before building the libraries so you can do it all in one shot by
just calling the top-level Makefile from cmd.exe without any goal.

Again: Presume this very scenario to be supported best as it's my personal
scenario ;-)


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