Re: [cc65] Latest Snapshot - Apple II

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2014-05-10 20:22:24
Hi Bill,

 Is the Apple II being worked-on?

I don't know of any major things to change in that area.

> I am in the process of porting my Aztec C work including library routines
> for the Apple II to the latest snapshot.

That seems pretty interesting to me. Do you plan to deliver the outcome of
this effort through your own channels or do you intend to contribute to

>  It will take me awhile to memorize cc65 and I need to wrap my head
> around what Oliver has done with the linker configs so I can make my own
> for my libraries.

Unfortunately the current Apple2 linker config documentation has about
nothing to do with the actually present linker configs. This is just one of
the many open to-dos. You will need to check out the source...


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