Re: [cc65] Latest Snapshot - Apple II

From: Bill Buckels <>
Date: 2014-05-10 21:29:07
Oliver Schmidt wrote:
 >Hi Bill,

Hi Oliver.

>>Is the Apple II being worked-on?
>I don't know of any major things to change in that area.

Great! Now might be a good time...

>>I am in the process of porting my Aztec C work including library routines 
>>for the Apple II to the latest snapshot.

>That seems pretty interesting to me. Do you plan to deliver the outcome of 
>this effort through your own channels or do you intend to contribute to 

All code that I do for cc65 will be checked-in, and tested ready for use. 
But until it amounts to a group of working changes and dependencies then 
I'll keep them here. I could zip things-up every once in awhile and put them 
on my  website. That would probably work for 

>>It will take me awhile to memorize cc65 and I need to wrap my head around 
>>what Oliver has done with the linker configs so I can make my own for my 
>Unfortunately the current Apple2 linker config documentation has about 
>nothing to do with the actually present linker configs. This is just one of 
>the many open to-dos. You will need to check out the source...

Of course. Documentation is part of development. The sample programs can be 
placed anywhere... I have webspace that doesn't seem to change much over the 
years and we have other sites like asimov that can handle cc65 demos as well 
as they handled my Aztec C and other demos...

I'd better get this done after thinking about for a long time. I realized a 
couple of weeks back that it has been about 5 years since I said was going 
to start.


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