RE: [cc65] Latest Snapshot - Apple II

From: Shawn Jefferson <>
Date: 2014-05-18 05:31:35
In fact the Atari 8-bit has lseek/fseek.  Christian Goessler wrote it some time ago when I asked about the lack of the function.  One DOS (SpartaDOS) supports proper seeking through files, while most of the other DOSes do not, and you have to read through the sector chain.

I guess no one wanted the function on the C64 enough to write it yet...

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>The reason for me not implementing it so far is that there's no 
>reasonable way to implement lseek() on CBM which means that cross 
>target programs can't make use of it anyway.

So what. Aztec C65 provided this on platforms that supported it, and doucmented that it did not work rather than penlizing systems where it does work. You already have this in place in callmli which does not as far as I know allow itself to be directly accessed from C except selectively.


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