Re: [cc65] Latest Snapshot - Apple II

From: Bill Buckels <>
Date: 2014-05-19 05:17:29
Shawn Jefferson wrote:

>In fact the Atari 8-bit has lseek/fseek.  Christian Goessler wrote it some 
>time ago when I asked about the lack of the function.

Yes I saw that. I need to do some porting work before getting to that. From 
what I have seen so far some other cc65 functions are not suitable for the 
way I program on the Apple II. I will need to find the gaps and correct them 
to suit my nefarious platform specific purposes.

I'll get to the Commodore 64 eventually as well. I need to get some momentum 
going first.

>One DOS (SpartaDOS) supports proper seeking through files, while most of 
>the other DOSes do not, and you have to read through the sector chain.

I read through Atari's history on Wikipedia last night. I remember parts of 
it, but I had no idea there were so many different Atari's etc. What a great 

>I guess no one wanted the function on the C64 enough to write it yet...

I'm not sure if that's the case. Maybe nobody knows how.

The C64 would be similar to most Ataris and Apple DOS before ProDOS, so a 
hybrid can be done for the C64 and Apple DOS 3.3. It's just a matter of 
getting to it.

I think it might be reasonable based on what I know which perhaps isn't 
much, but I wouldn't take that bet:)

I know both filing systems and their differences pretty well on the Apple II 
and I also spent some time in C on the Commodore. This looks like it might 
become easier after a bit.

Remember that I have been spoiled by having manuals, and examples for a 
number of years. Some of this stuff is a little too terse to work through 
rapidly for an old guy. It's excellent though.


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