Re: [cc65] Latest Snapshot - Apple II

From: Groepaz <>
Date: 2014-05-19 15:21:37
On Monday 19 May 2014, you wrote:
> >I guess no one wanted the function on the C64 enough to write it yet...
> I'm not sure if that's the case. Maybe nobody knows how.
> The C64 would be similar to most Ataris and Apple DOS before ProDOS, so a
> hybrid can be done for the C64 and Apple DOS 3.3. It's just a matter of
> getting to it.
> I think it might be reasonable based on what I know which perhaps isn't
> much, but I wouldn't take that bet:)
> I know both filing systems and their differences pretty well on the Apple
> II and I also spent some time in C on the Commodore. This looks like it
> might become easier after a bit.

a proper seek function can not be done easily on the cbm drives, thats why. it 
would create significant overhead and limitations (needs floppy code, and 
would still not work eg with an arbitrary number of files with arbitrary 
length due to memory restrictions), with very little benefit (most programs do 
not need a seek function).

that said, a naive implementation which simply seeks from the beginning of the 
file can be done (but isnt very practical). i have done that once when i 
needed it - or rather, i tried it for a minute, and then rewrote the program 
so it doesnt need seek, because that worked a whole lot better :)


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