Re: [cc65] latest stable version?

From: Bill Buckels <>
Date: 2014-07-18 04:11:40
Frank Buss wrote:

>I found a snapshot for Windows from yesterday on 
> , but I would feel better using a known good 
>version which is out there for a while and which some other people tested 
>for their projects and reported that it works, instead of the latest 

I had the same thoughts when I downloaded the Windows snapshot in may to do 
my Apple II Aztec C65 routines port, but I haven't run into problems yet.

FWIW I am also not going to build a compiler when I want to use one to write 
a program, and I can't speak to the C64 routines, so I would encourage you 
to at least give it a try Frank. You can always update your cc65 build 
environment later if you need to.

I am using the MinGW MAKE for my builds, and a plain console window for my 
projects and on Windows XP where I play (I keep the Windows 7 machines 
clean), I have few differences between what I am doing with cc65 now, and 
what I was doing in Aztec C65 for years.

I am using cc65 "out of the box" as much as possible because I am also 
concerned about being able to share my code.

I really think it's more important for you to just get started, and after 
the first week or so, if your experiences with the compiler are as positive 
as mine you'll probably be quite comfortable with cc65. I am now more 
concerned with some of the stuff that cc65 doesn't have than whether the 
guys have unstable code in the libraries or the tools since I haven't found 
anything unstable and I have been using the compiler every waking chance I 

The english in the docs has a very foreign flavour to me though. The best 
workaround for that particluar problem is just to use the darned thing.

Just my two-cents.


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