RE: [cc65] latest stable version?

From: Frank Buss <>
Date: 2014-07-18 13:43:38
Bill Buckels wrote:

> I really think it's more important for you to just get started, and after
> the first week or so, if your experiences with the compiler are as positive
> as mine you'll probably be quite comfortable with cc65. 

I'm already using it. And looks like the version "V2.14 - Git 6df4205" is unstable, or I'm doing something wrong. This program:

built with "make" in Cygwin crashs with a CPU Jam in VICE. The same project (except one line changed in ld.cfg) works with "cc65 V2.13.3, SVN version: 5495". So I think the answer for me is to continue using V2.13.3, until there is a tested release.

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