Re: [cc65] printf (C64 library) enables interrupts

From: <>
Date: 2014-07-21 17:22:40
On Monday 21 July 2014, 10:08:49 Bill Buckels <> wrote:
> Groepaz wrote:
> >a newbie will not bother about CLI or SEI. once you do, you should know
> >what you are doing - IMHO. (and its not a cc65 specific issue either, its
> >common c64 knowledge :))
> When I was a newbie on the c64 I bothered with that sort of thing. I
> resurrected an entire cross-compiler if you'll recall, before you even
> posted your sprite demo in cc65.
> cc65 doucmentation is very, very,very poor so why discourage it?

its not cc65 related at all, its related to the commodore kernal. a novice 
user doesnt need to know about it, and if you start using inline assembly, you 
pretty much should exactly know what you are doing. regardless what compiler 
or system is in use. when the library documentation says that read() and 
write() are implemented by kernal calls, that is sufficient information.

the cc65 documentation should focus on the usage of its tools, if you cant 
program in C, or dont know jack about the target platform, then you should 
inform yourself using one of the plenty available books/ articles/ websites/ 
whatever. the cc65 being neither a c64 programming tutorial nor introduction 
into C is not a sign of poor documentation at all (quite the contrary 


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