Re: [cc65] printf (C64 library) enables interrupts

From: Bill Buckels <>
Date: 2014-07-21 18:25:45
Groepaz wrote:
> that is sufficient information.

Agreed that any C programmer should know about using inline assembly and all 
that careful stuff and Disagree that documentation should be scoped so 
narrowly that only an expert can use it. Having said that I have no trouble 
using it. My opinion is not that of a compiler developer however, but of a 
project manager and business analyst targetted at application development.

>the cc65 documentation should focus on the usage of its tools

That seems to me that is what you would like to think. I receive email and 
comments that say otherwise.

>the cc65 being neither a c64 programming tutorial nor introduction into C 
>is not a sign of poor documentation at all (quite the contrary actually)

Again I disagree whole heartedly. The documentation is terse, not really in 
the English of my mother tongue, and really just qualifies as no more than 
expanded code comments.

Having said that, I have no problem using it.

The compiler is a beautiful compiler but lacking in its platform specific 
functionality. To encourage contributions from application developers like 
me who don't care what linux guys and computer scientists think, (and 
geniuses either:) ...I'm talking about half-assed artists like me who know 
how to code... the docs need to be expanded a very very very great deal.

I'm forking cc65 anyway, because I don't have time to justify my opinion to 
get code checked-in and docs expanded. When I have finished my work to the 
point where it is a suitable candidate for *YOUR* cc65 I'll provide you with 
the opportunity for review.

Again, having said that, cc65 is not a mystery. I'm familiar with the 
attitude and these types of tools. Not discouraged in the least either. I 
guess I would normally say that you guys wouldn't know a good document if it 
jumped-up and bit you on the nose. But because of the high quality of cc65 
it's hard to argue with the excellent results. It's just too elitist a 
culture for all of my personal tastes.

I can't say enough times how good the compiler is though:)


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