[cc65] SHR Pixel Graphics and Font Demo in cc65 now available for download

From: Bill Buckels <bbuckels1mymts.net>
Date: 2014-07-22 06:06:28
Christian Groessler wrote:
>What do you want to say?

cc65 is a good start.

Read about it here:


Download it here:


Complete with source code and disk image. You will need to run this on an 
Apple IIgs or on a VOC or on a CB with Charlie's SHR mods, or on a IIgs 
emulator. It works fine in kegs32.

This program is pretty fundamental, and easy to understand. Having an 8 bit 
6502 modern cross-compiler handy that works in SHR mode as well as ALL the 
Apple II graphics modes seems like a good thing for IIgs folks who don't 
want to muck with the complexities of IIgs GUI toolbox stuff, and who want 
something a little more straight-forward than pure
machine code and who don't want to write in BASIC.

The program documentation for this demo provides links to graphics routines 
for ALL cc65's missing Apple II graphics modes, which is most of them.


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