RE: [cc65] latest stable version?

From: Frank Buss <>
Date: 2014-07-24 21:57:10
> Your crt0.s file was adapted from version 2.13; it has the bridge.  Even
> though that bridge code isn't used, it still links to the other part of
> the bridge.  In V2.14, that second part links everything else into the
> program!  Therefore, the connector plugs in; and, the V2.14 bridge tries
> to call interruptors that don't exist -- CRASH!

Thanks. I guess I shouldn't use my own crt0 file without reading and fully understanding every line of it first :-) But there might be more problems with longs as Groepaz reported, so I continue to use the 2.13 version, which works for me so far.

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