[cc65] Preview - Apple II Double Hi-Res Converter and cc65 DHGR demo

From: Bill Buckels <bbuckels1mymts.net>
Date: 2014-08-07 04:31:58
I wrote a DHGR Sprite Converter similar to the one I did for SHR  Download 
it here:


This works as far as I can tell.

Here's what it does so far:

Usage:   "b2d sprite.bmp options"
Input:   140 x 192 or 280 x 192 24 bit BMP
Range:   1 x 1 to 280 x 192 24 Bit BMP
Output:  full screen DHGR A2FC and AUX,BIN files
         Optional image fragment (sprite)
b - background color 1-15 (0 by default)
f - image fragment (off by default)
d - error diffusion - (d2 default) or d4 (optional)
m - horizontal merge - (m2) - s2 mode only
p - (p0,p1,p2,p3) use built-in palette.
    Kegs32 DHGR color palette (p0) is the default.
q - disable quietmode (can be redirected to file).
    creates an embedded sprite array.
t - use CiderPress file attribute preservation tags.
    Tags are turned-off by default.
s2 - horizontal half-scale (s1 full-scale by default)

x--- snip ---x

The source code, a disk with some converted BMP's and some additional BMP's
for testing are included.

Before I make this so darned complicated I wanted to get a copy of this
source etc, inlcuding a gcc compatible build out there.

I need to do too much documentation to make this into a user level program
as we speak.

What it offers however is a vanilla approach that is dead-simple.

The dithering I will be adding will make this a very complicated utility.


Joel Yliluoma's arbitrary-palette positional dithering algorithm


I have some more DHGR demos to do next so the docs will need to wait a bit,
but Joel's document should keep you busy.

How I will apply this in the end should also make for some additional light
reading. I've got half of a paintshop program in pieces from the last year
or two that I'll eventually slide into this lot. Back porting it from SHR to
the other Apple II modes is the easiest way to get this fleshed-out so watch
for some HGR and Double Lo-Res stuff again soon too.

Read the code:


and run the demo:



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