[cc65] Announcing Apple IIe DHGR Version of Color Collision Kaleidoscope in cc65

From: Bill Buckels <bbuckels1mymts.net>
Date: 2014-08-07 17:16:15
Download it here:


Complete with cc65 source code and disk image.

This is especially for the Apple IIe folks who don't have either a IIgs or a
IIgs emulator handy. The SHR version of this is here:


Both of these will allow you to capture screens to disk.

A text menu comes-up ahead of the demo and tells you what the keys are.

The DHGR version captures to A2FC format, and the SHR version captures to
$C1 $0000 PIC format.

Since DHGR is a fixed palette you are stuck with 15 fixed colors.

DLGR version to follow shortly, which should run pretty quick on a stock

I will also do an HGR 4-color version, but that might be a little lame. The
palette bit needs to be the same in HGR so I think the best we can do for
that one is to select an ORANGE or GREEN palette at the start, and perhaps a
palette flip during a pause before a save.

I am not sure if LGR is capable of shoing the vectors in these demos with
any quality at all. Perhaps DLGR will suffer too. We'll see.

My document on porting Windows Screensavers to Apple II demos will be done
shortly. In the meantime this SHR document is available but lacks detail:


SHRFan will also allow screen captures. A IIgs or equivalent is required for


PS - none of this is particularly useful for any practical purpose other
than programming in cc65 for the Apple II.

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