[cc65] Announcement: Atari BBS software being written in CC65.

From: Thom Cherryhomes <thom.cherryhomes1gmail.com>
Date: 2014-08-10 00:08:58
Hey guys,

I wanted to announce that I've spent the last couple of weeks starting
on a BBS package, written in CC65.

Why am I doing this?

Two reasons, really.. I needed a big break from a multi-million line
code base (I am one of the core developers of LinuxMCE, a massive
smart home platform.. (http://www.linuxmce.org/)  (I also work
contract for AT&T Big Data, as my day job, which is hell in
itself...), and I had watched cc65 for almost a decade, and finally
decided to try it out to see what was possible with it.


* Be modular. I am intending the BBS to be not much more than a kernel
that different modules can hang off of, to give the BBS its
personality. To prove this out, I am writing enough modules to support
either a menu-driven BBS, and a Citadel like BBS structure.
* Have sane defaults. A user should be able to literally accept all
the defaults, and have something running, very quickly.
* Be open. I've pushed the code to a github repository, and it is
being licensed under GPL version 3. This will not change.

The code repository is @ http://github.com/tschak909/ataribbs

The name 'ataribbs' is temporary, until I can figure out a real name for it.

One good thing that's coming out of this for cc65, is that the serial
driver structure you guys have come up with, is getting a work-out.
I've already noted deficiencies in the implementation (particularly
that there is no implemented ioctl methods to e.g. flip concurrent
mode on/off, to allow proper disk/printer access on real Atari 850
interfaces, and that there's no way to assert the DTR, or detect the
DCD pins

It's also giving the file descriptor to IOCB code a nice work-out, as
it's very much needed to read/write everything from config to log
files, etc...

I've been disciplining myself to commit on this code at least once a
day, to keep my pace going, and hopefully I can see this through.

I did have one question though, Does anyone have any thoughts on
implementing loadable modules into e.g. extended memory? I had
envisioned the BBS pieces as seperate executables that would load data
into memory and would be called by an arbitrary convention of C
function calls...am still thinking on how best to implement this, and
if anyone has any experience or thoughts on this, I'd love to hear

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