[cc65] Atari: AtariBBS code works on SpartaDOS 3.2, but crashes under SDX. WTF?

From: Thom Cherryhomes <thom.cherryhomes1gmail.com>
Date: 2014-08-13 02:10:41
Hi. I'm a bit confused, as I am writing a BBS engine for the Atari
8-bit in CC65.

Code is here: http://github.com/tschak909/ataribbs/

After building and running BBSCONF (which runs ok), to generate the
BBS.CNF, building and running BBS, causes either:

A system crash (Altirra presents a crash dialog), under the "atari"
memory model, both with and without X.
An error of "Printer could not be opened, further messages suppressed"
under the "AtariXL" memory model,
Or, it just outright freezes in the AtariXL memory model using X.

What gives? :(

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