RE: [cc65] nested loader

From: Frank Buss <>
Date: 2014-10-02 02:25:58
A simplified example to demonstrate the problem:

You can compile it with "compile.cmd". In Vice x128 you can start it by enabling "Settings->C128 Settings->Function ROM->External Function ROM" and then using "c128-cart.bin". This is the C128 ROM file.

In c128-cart-incbin.s I include this ROM file and use it from the main program to start it from C64 mode (only possible with my DIY cartridge, but the PRG works with it). Now my problem is to use the file c128-cart.s instead of including the binary result of an extra compile and link step. I'm getting confused with the symbols.

Another questions in main.c: I don't know a good way how to get the load and run addresses of segments. Looks like sometimes it doesn't work and the "#define" workaround, which I found in some other code, looks ugly.

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