Re: [cc65] __fastcall__

From: Alan Cox <>
Date: 2015-01-13 17:10:35
>> Instead I added --all-fastcall to the compiler (patch attached).
> This is probably not a perfect solution, but I can see it serves your purpose.
> One would need something like __cdecl__ to mark pointers or functions that
> should not be fastcall.

If I get a bit more time I'll take a look at doing that. It doesn't
look too horrendous. Next however I want to take a look at what it
would take to make the linker generate banked binaries. It actually
looks easier than the Z80 banking bits I did for sdcc as the C stack
is not the return stack.

In the 6502 case stuffing an extra byte or two on the 6502 stack when
switching banks ought to be invisible to the C code.

The basic idea would be to spot any calls to a banked function from a
function not in that bank and instead of relocating the JSR address
replace it with a JSR to a stub where any target the first time it is
found gets a stub generated that is something like

LDA bankreg
LDA #newbank
STA bankreg
JSR _realroutine
STA bankreg

or I suspect in implementation

          JSR __tobank0
          JSR _realroutine
          JSR __popbank

or similar, which would live in common space.

At that point all those annoying 12K and 16K banked memories on
AppleII and Atari boxes actually become useful 8)
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