Re: [cc65] __fastcall__

From: Bill Buckels <>
Date: 2015-01-15 00:57:39

Please re-assure me that the code that I have been writing for cc65 for the Apple II will still compile properly with changes proposed or otherwise.

It is more imnportant from my pespective that cc65 still works as it did when I decided to accept the challenge of providing the missing Apple II routines.

Regression is obviously what I am concerned with because in my world only a stable devlopment environment is important. I do not simply use a compiler for one project and will not provide my endorsement without this assurance.


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    The linker does actually seem to have a lot of the framework in place
    - I can declare ROM0, ROM and ROM2 to have the same addresses already
    and put different code in each, and I think (need to test it for real)
    that with the output file options I can also make it write them to
    different files.

  There's no need for investigation in that area as there's already a "multiple-output-files-for-same-addr" linker config at (and a demo using it at

    It does mean you can't easily bank data or even rodata (because you
    take pointers to it and pass it out elsewhere eg in pritnf()) but for
    pure code it's historically worked OK in the tools I've used.

  The comments in the demo above follow the very same reasoning.

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