Re: Fwd: [cc65] __fastcall__

From: Greg King <>
Date: 2015-01-19 20:51:20
On 2015-01-14 4:00 PM, Alan Cox wrote:
> In the meantime ... a revised patch which adds cdecl support so that you can
> have autofast, and cdecl any bits you need.

When a pointer-to-a-function is parsed, Declarator() handles the 
function and pointer parts separately.  When the function part is 
handled, your patch sets it to __fastcall__.  Therefore, the first hunk 
in your patch is redundant.  FixQualifiers() doesn't need to set it again.

I think that cc65 should complain about variadic declarations like

void __fastcall__ func(arg, ...);

even when the "--all-fastcall" option is used.  I think that you should 
put the "AutoFast" code _after_ the test for a variadic fastcall.

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