[cc65] The "Mixed-Up Toy" and other "Incredible Toys" - An Apple II DHGR Programming Adventure for the C Language Programmer

From: <bbuckels1mymts.net>
Date: 2015-01-20 00:59:55
It's story time again. Read about it here:


I really haven't much else to add except that Bmp2DHR and A2FCBmp will be 
updated with my latest changes in the next day or so, and I also still owe 
you several additional documents to support my latest changes which are 
getting close to finished so watch for those soon as well.

Whether or not this work benefits the cc65 C compiler certainly depends on 
whether or not you program in cc65 for the Apple II platform. Demos like 
this one certainly extend cc65's usefulness in the area of Apple II 
graphics, and provide badly needed details that you might spend considerable 
effort researching when you could be enjoying yourself programming in cc65 
instead and playing on your Apple II.

Keeping in mind that the average Apple II Programmer who may be around these 
days probably has little interest in writing "Hello World" programs in C no 
matter how wonderfully the compiler works, I'll do my best in the days ahead 
to continue with my Apple II Graphics theme and more demos and stories like 
this one.

Over and Under,

Bill Buckels

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