Re: [cc65] The "Mixed-Up Toy" and other "Incredible Toys" - An Apple II DHGR Programming Adventure for the C Language Programmer

From: Greg King <>
Date: 2015-01-24 08:05:49
On 2015-01-23 7:35 PM, Alan Cox wrote:
> You probably can avoid the inline assembler by doing:
> volatile unsigned char *dhrmain = (volatile unsigned char *)0xC054;
> Then, you can just write:
> *dhrmain=0;
> or similar.

He can go even further.  That soft switch can be defined as:

#define dhrmain() (*(char *)0xC054 = __AX__)



compiles into the single assembly line:

         sta     $C054

And, the optimizer doesn't remove it!

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