Re: [cc65] The "Mixed-Up Toy" and other "Incredible Toys" - An Apple II DHGR Programming Adventure for the C Language Programmer

From: Bill Buckels <>
Date: 2015-01-24 10:17:19
Alan Cox wrote:

>Nice clear code.

Hi Alan,

Thanks for the acknowledgement and your thoughts. I'm still messing with the 
documentation format. It looks the same in pdf or html which is one of 
things that the folks in comp.sys.csa2 have asked for. By the time I'm done 
the rest of my ports of my examples from Aztec C65, I hope to have something 
that both approaches readable and has some timeless style that youngsters 
and oldsters can both enjoy.

>You can probably avoid the inline assembler...

I probably should break this out into alternate options and list 2 or 3 
methods of doing precisely the same thing in another chapter... "The Revenge 
of the Toys" perhaps, where I use the body parts of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, 
and Jack Tramiel etc:)

I have a wack of equivalent Commodore 64 C65 code to port to cc65 with 
similar documentation as well. By the time I get to it, I want this 
documentation format to be "bullet-proof". I think the C64 audience might be 
a little more critical than the Apple II audience:) so I am getting the 
Apple II done first.

Your feedback is appreciated and thought-provoking.



PS - whether this sort of thing benefits the cc65 compiler is really a 
matter of perspective. The compiler is just another tool in a 
retro-programmer's toolbox. A person's brain seems to be the most important 
tool and probably the one that we should all focus on improving by expanding 
our perspectives to include others; otherwise this goes nowhere.

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