Re: [cc65] Raster interrupts on Plus/4

From: Janne Peräaho <>
Date: 2015-03-15 23:35:35
14.3.2015, 16.19, Greg King wrote:
> Keep in mind that the new interrupt-handling code tries to be
> portable. So, it isn't as close to the bare machine as the old
> methods are; it takes longer to get to your own handler.  Therefore,
> you must "anticipate" the raster line where you want to do something.
> You must tell the video chip to interrupt at an earlier line, a line
> that will reach your handler at about one line before what you want.
> Then, your handler can do a tight, fast wait loop for the exact
> raster line that you want.

OK, thanks. I was thinking to try something simple at first: one split 
at precise line, changing the background and border colours.

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