[cc65] Continuous tone Graphics and Pixel Graphics converter for Double Lo-Res cc65 programs on Apple IIe

From: Bill Buckels <bbuckels1mymts.net>
Date: 2015-05-13 00:07:40
Youtubes of what this is about

Apple II Double Lo-Res Pixel-Art from "Mini-Pix" by Bmp2DHR (B2D)

The AWINDLO Apple II Double Lo-Res Titling Converter by Bill Buckels

Apple II Double Lo-Res "Minipix" in BASUC (AppleSoft Basic) - Converted by 

Apple II Double Lo-Res "Min-Pix" Converted by Bmp2LO

These were colored in Windows paint.Using my Slideshow driver written in 
cc65 we can view old printshop, old printmaster and old minipix files in a 
glory never known when these were common-place and the Apple II was in wide 
use. For a copy of these on a real Apple II disk image along with other 
demos and stuff click here 
and for a list of related links visit the A2B web page links section at
and that will tell you where to go and get the converter that made these and 
other converters and source code for Apple II Graphics etc. that I have 

All the best,

Bill Buckels 

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