Re: [cc65] Raster interrupts on Plus/4

From: Janne Peräaho <>
Date: 2015-08-21 23:01:40

I wrote the following short program to test interrupts on Plus/4:

#include <6502.h>
#include <plus4.h>

#define TEMP_STACK_SIZE 2048

void main ( void );
unsigned char f_IntRoutine ( void );

unsigned char aucTempStack [ TEMP_STACK_SIZE ];

void main ( void ) {
     SEI ();
     set_irq (
         aucTempStack, TEMP_STACK_SIZE
     CLI ();

     for ( ;; ) { }

unsigned char f_IntRoutine ( void ) {

     return ( IRQ_NOT_HANDLED );

When I compile and link the program with cl65, I get these two warnings:

d65: Warning: cc65:cfg/plus4.cfg(22): Segment `BSS' with type `bss' 
contains initialized data

ld65: Warning: Address size mismatch for `__ZP_START__': Exported from 
cc65:cfg/plus4.cfg(7) as `absolute', import in interrupt.o, 
common/interrupt.s(11) as `zeropage'

If I run the program, it doesn't work: Plus/4 encounters a break 
instruction which stops the execution.

The target system is 'plus4' and I'm using the default linker 
configuration file for the Plus/4.

Is there something wrong with my set_irq call? I was unsure what the 
stack size should be.

Janne Peräaho
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