Re: [cc65] Raster interrupts on Plus/4

From: Greg King <>
Date: 2015-08-23 04:15:32
On 2015-08-21 5:42 PM, Ullrich von Bassewitz wrote:
> On Sat, Aug 22, 2015 at 12:01:40AM +0300, Janne Peräaho wrote:
>> ld65: Warning: Address size mismatch for `__ZP_START__': Exported
>> from cc65:cfg/plus4.cfg(7) as `absolute', import in interrupt.o,
>> common/interrupt.s(11) as `zeropage'
> The last version released by me didn't have this symbol in the plus/4 config,
> so I do assume that you're using one of Oliver's newer releases.

The two bugs _are inherited_ from Uz's version 2.13.9:

1. A ".code" line was left out of the "libsrc/common/interrupt.s" source 
file.  Therefore, ca65 puts the functions into the .bss segment that is 
defined just above that code.

2. That file uses ".importzp __ZP_START__".  But, of course, ld65 
generates the self-defined labels for memory areas and segments as 
absolute addresses, not zero-page addresses -- even when the addresses 
are less than $0100.  The fix is to use ".import"; and then, use 
"<__ZP_START__,x" as the operand in the two instructions that need it.
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