Re: [cc65] The latest stable Uz cc65 release

From: <>
Date: 2015-08-24 11:24:10
On Saturday 22 August 2015, 09:49:12 Karri Kaksonen <> wrote:
> Hello,
> for Lynx development there was one relese that could be described with
> the term "perfect". After a long struggle for finding good tools we
> decided to use one old version for Lynx development. The frozen CC65
> 2.13.9 SVN 5944 build continues its life in a team repository
> https://*bitbucket*.org/*atarilynx*/
> The compiler in lynx/tools/cc65 does not get new development anymore
> (except bug fixes every now and then). New development goes into
> lynx/contrib. Currently we have chipper music support. Shortly also a
> new ComLynx driver RedEye that is compatible with the original Atari
> code. And support for new chips.
> The new cc65 by Oliver has taken a different path and is no longer
> compatible with old game sources.

are you referring to the slightly different/changed linker config there? i 
cant imagine what else, to be honest.

i find it sad that the development gets fragmented like that, it should take 
little effort to catch up with the "new" branch (which isnt all that new at 
all anyway). IMHO the current version on github has some very nice and 
important advantages over the old svn version.


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