Re: [cc65] The latest stable Uz cc65 release

From: Bill Buckels <>
Date: 2015-08-24 20:56:23
Groepaz wrote:
>i find it sad that the development gets fragmented like that...

Please don't be sad.

>it should take little effort to catch up with the "new" branch...

Sometimes poeple don't want to build and test a tool. They just want to use 
it. In all my years I never worried whether Micorosoft was releasing a 
compiler bug fix every few weeks or years even. The toolset is only part of 
any development. I understand your viewpoint. I wish everyone would always 
download my latest software too.

Oliver wrote:

> ...given the statement above I need to fully second it.

I would expect no less. cc65 is a wonderful compiler. You have all done a 
very good job. But everything is not black and white and people in a retro 
community come and go as they find time. Not everyone has your ability 
either Oliver, and that is why some of us need more documentation to 
understand things that are obvious to you.

This is why I opt to work with a snapshot. I don't want to build a compiler 
every time I use it, and up to now I just want to use it and not build it 
all. What I have done with cc65 may seem trivial to a compiler developer but 
it seems significant to me...

This takes nothing away from you or the rest of the cc65 team. Nobody should 
feel sad just because someone thinks diffferently.

Please keep up the good work!

>it's the very purpose of cc65@GitHub to serve as singular upstream thus 
>avoiding fragmentation.

The cc65 repository is not in question at all. I would think that everyone 
including "stupid" people like me who have a similar point of view of some 
other ideas appreciate being able to read the codebase as a reference.

>Just my two cents

Thank you, please continue...


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