Re: [cc65] Newbie question, using cc65 for Apple II assembly

From: Sven Oliver Moll <>
Date: 2015-11-15 14:44:58
On Sat, 14 Nov 2015, Mark Lemmert wrote:

I've been using the cc65-package to write Atari VCS demos using an own 
linker config file, so my remark may be off, but it also might be something 
that could've been easily overseen.

> After making the changes to hello.s I used the ld65 tool to create the file
> for apple commander, just as in the example. 

Shouldn't the hello.s be assembled first using ca65 and then the hello.o 
file been linked using ld65?

(Or is ca65 called be ld65 internally when used with a *.s instead of a *.o

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