Re: [cc65] Newbie question, using cc65 for Apple II assembly

From: Greg King <>
Date: 2015-11-18 10:44:14
On 2015-11-17 8:08 PM, Mark Lemmert wrote:
> When I tried those commands, I received an error message that
> "apple2-asm.cfg" could not be found. Do you know where I can obtain the
> apple2-asm.cfg file?

Version 2.13 is the last one on which Uz (Ullrich von Bassewitz) worked. 
  Then, the project moved to Github.  It now is at version 2.15. is the new home page.  There are three 
buttons under the top banner.  You should click on the "Mailing Lists" 
button; and, register on the new mailing list.  Then, click on the 
"Getting Started" button.  At the bottom of that next page, you will see 
how to get the latest cc65 binary package for Windows.  (It has that 
configuration file.)
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