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8. Limitations

8.1 DOS 3.3

Although the standard binaries generated by the linker for the enhanced Apple //e generally run both on DOS 3.3 (with Applesoft BASIC) and on ProDOS 8 (with BASIC.SYSTEM) there are some limitations for DOS 3.3:

Disk File I/O

There's no disk file I/O support. Any attempt to use it yields an error with errno set to ENOSYS. This implicitly means that loadable drivers are in general not functional as they depend on disk file I/O. However they may be converted to statically linked drivers using the co65 object-file converter.


There's no interruptor support. Any attempt to use it yields the message 'Failed to alloc interrupt' on program startup. This implicitly means that a2e.stdmou.mou and a2e.ssc.ser are not functional as they depend on interrupts.

8.2 Direct console I/O


The enhanced Apple //e has no color text mode. Therefore the functions textcolor(), bgcolor() and bordercolor() have no effect.


The enhanced Apple //e has no hardware cursor. Therefore the function cursor() has no effect.

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