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5. Loadable drivers

The names in the parentheses denote the symbols to be used for static linking of the drivers.

5.1 Graphics drivers

No graphics drivers are currently available for the C16/C116.

5.2 Extended memory drivers

c16-ram.emd (c16_ram)

A driver for the hidden RAM below the BASIC and KERNAL ROMs. Supports 125 pages with 256 bytes each if the machine is equipped with 64K of memory (a Plus/4 or a memory extended C16/116).

5.3 Joystick drivers (c16_stdjoy)

Supports up to two joysticks connected to the standard joysticks port of the Commodore 16/116.

5.4 Mouse drivers

Currently no drivers available (in fact, the API for loadable mouse drivers does not exist).

5.5 RS232 device drivers

The Commodore 16 does not have a builtin ACIA and no RS232 extensions are known. For this reason, there are no RS232 drivers available. Please note that the standard Plus/4 driver will not run together with the C16 library, because the latter does not support interrupts needed by the driver.

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