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3.161 strxfrm


Transform a string.




size_t __fastcall__ strxfrm (char* s1, const char* s2, size_t n);


The strxfrm function transforms the string pointed to by s2 and places the resulting string into the string pointed to by s1. The transformation is such that if the strcmp function is applied to two transformed strings, it returns a value greater than, equal to, or less than zero, corresponding to the result of the strcoll function applied to the same two original strings. No more than n characters are placed into the resulting array pointed to by s1, including the terminating null character.


  • s1 and s2 must not point to the same memory area, otherwise the behaviour is undefined.
  • If n is zero, s1 may be a NULL pointer.
  • The function is only available as fastcall function, so it may only be used in presence of a prototype.
  • Since cc65 doesn't support different charcter sets, strxfrm will just copy s2 to s1 using strncpy.


ISO 9899

See also

strcmp, strcoll, strncpy,



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